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Recharge & Refill

Fire extinguishers need to be refilled and recharged by licensed qualified professionals.

There are different type of materials used in different class and type of fire extinguisher such as specific chemicals, CO2 (carbon dioxide), nitrogen, halon, foam and even on some types water, powders or mixed liquid chemical materials depending on the fire extinguisher.

Recharge and Refill

6 Years Maintenance

6 year maintenance (required by NFPA-10 and State Insurance Commission) by licensed professionals.

Every 6 years all stored pressure extinguishers need to be reffiled, recharged or pass the test, if passes all the tests then gets a new inspection tag stating the date, otherwise it needs to go under complete refill and recahrge process by qualified licensed professional.

Recharge and Refill

12 Year Hydrostatic Test

12 year Hydrostatic Test (required by NFPA-10 and State Insurance Commission) by licensed qualified professionals.

Every 12 years the hydrostatic test is required to test the vessel for weakness, leaks and deformations, while this varies by the matterial of the tank like the steel tanks needs to pass hydrotest every five years and some other needs to be tested between every three to five years.

Recharge and Refill

PSI-PCI Cylinder Hydrostatic Test

DOT Certified High Pressure Hydrostatic Test, PSI-PCI cylinder hydrostatic test by DOT licensed qualified professionals.

High pressure cylinder safety checks required by DOT to pass PSI-PCI cylinder hydrostatic test by DOT licensed qualified and approved independent where there are necessary equipments are present to run gas charge of 1800 psi or higher at 70 F level to pass this sensetive test.

Recharge and Refill

Kitchen Fire System Repair

Every kitchen suppression system require a semi-annaul inspection and necessary repairs or extension addition by professionals.

Kitchen fire system repairs involves hood filters, nozzles, no signs of tampered or activated system, PSI pressure gauges, replacing links, gas valves, gas shutoff values, micro switch, performing any additional pipes and nozzles over new added heat, 12 years tests by qualified licensed professionals.

Recharge and Refill

Food Truck Suppression Repair

Food truck suppression system repairs addition to all inspections required by professionals after having required equipments.

Every food truck suppression system also called food truck fire system needs required necessary repairs and replacements by licensed qualified professional to pass tests on nozzles, links, filters, system cylinder checks, psi pressure checks to make sure a proper activation in case of any incidents.

Recharge and Refill

Exit Lights, Emergency Lights and Detectors

FiRepairs are necessary and required to pass inspections if any exit lights, emergency lights or detectors not working properly.

In order to pass inspections sometimes repairs are required by changing exit lights, emergency lights and fire detectors by licensed qualified professionals, all businesses are required to have active and working fire exits in order to direct people in any possible case of fire emergency incidents.

Recharge and Refill

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