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Fire Extinguisher Installation

All classes and types of fire extinguishers installation with mount and bracket.

Installation of fire extinguishers in the proper place with required distance from floor including wall mount and brackets need to be done by licensed qualified professionals, they usually get installed in a very short time using the required tools.

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Kitchen Suppression Installation

Kitchen fire suppression also called kitchen fire system installation inside the kitchen hoods

No matter what type of fire system getting installed such as wet chemicals, dry chemicals, FM 200 or CO2, nozzles needs to be in the required place to suppress the agent in case of any fire incident, needs to be installed by licensed qualified professional.

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Food Truck Fire System Installation

Designing and installing the food truck fire suppression system involves all the requirements

After exact measurement by professional fire technician on sizes and uses inside the food truck the designing and installing it by required fire codes when it needs to be installed by licensed qualified proffesionals and tagged properly.

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Fire System Installation

There are different fire systems can be installed for residential and commercial fire suppression systems

Fire systems can vary depending on the use of it as residential or commercial, there are many fire systems available like sprinklers, kitchen fire systems, office fire systems, and many more while it needs to be installed by licensed qualified professionals.

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Fire Hose Installation

Fire hose reels and racks installation including fire hose cabinets or standpipes systems

Fire hoses needs to be installed where they are required to pass the inspections following all fire codes and necessary requirements, fire hose cabinet, reels and racks, standpipes, it needs to be installed by licensed qualified proffesionals.

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Exit Light Installation

All exit signs and fire emergency lights and signs are required to installed where they need to be

One of the important aspects of the fire equipment installation is to install exit signs and fire emergency signs and lights where they required to pass all related inspections, it is much better to be installed by licensed qualified professionals.

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